Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Ministry with the cognitively disabled

Today i ran across a link for a ministry i'd never seen before, and am really excited about. It's called Friendship Ministries, and it's a nonprofit that helps churches create a program for teens and adults with mental disabilities. I've been keeping my eye out for this kind of thing for a while, and until this morning i had found very little. Probably many of you, like me, know of someone in or connected to your church who you wish you could minister to better but who just doesn't fit well into your existing programs. Not to mention the fact that if most families with special needs children are unchurched (as i heard a while back), probably most teens and adults with special needs are unchurched too. They, their families, and their caregivers would probably be very excited to find a church that had such a ministry.

I have to admit that I may never become involved with this ministry myself (although right now i really wish i could), and so it feels a little hypocritical to be plugging for them, but I know this or something like it could help a lot of churches and I had to pass it on.

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