Monday, June 11, 2007

It's gone

For any of you who might notice, my other blog with my old sermons on it is gone. Traffic to it was dismally low, indicating that it probably wasn't doing anyone much good. Realistically, would a person in need of spiritual guidance really take the time to read one of my long sermons? And i posted to it so rarely that probably most of the people who would have benefitted from it would have lost interest between posts. And, after reading an article about the perils of sermon plagiarism, the thought of having my old sermons out there seemed even more needless.

So yeah, it's gone, in case you noticed.


Brooke said...

Joy, if it makes you feel any better, I subscribed to your sermon blog using a blog patrol site. Every time you posted something new, it would end up in my email. Your sermons always made for enjoyable reading and frequently having interesting ways of looking at issues.

Sorry to see it go,


Joy said...

Hey Brooke, That does make me feel better. Thanks for letting me know.