Thursday, May 03, 2007

Read "A Generous Orthodoxy"

Last week on my week off i attended my own private theology conference with Brian McLaren by immersing myself in his book and wolfing it down until finished. I wont' write an extended reveiw but it was very thought provoking in a very good way. He pushes the edges of what many conservative Christians (like myself) believe, but he really makes you see things in a new light. If i try to start hitting the highlights i'll write far longer than i have time to because it would be so hard to do justice to . . . well i can't even really describe what he does without taking forever to do it. He makes you think. And i highly reccomend it, especially for pastors.


Steve Hayes said...

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to find his book, but last night I heard him speak, and am glad that I went. He said some good things.

Joy said...

They do have it at Amazon, if you're still looking for it :)