Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The script writer

I've thought about this one before but i was reminded of it again last night watching Stargate. Jack was driving me nuts because he gave up on getting back to earth, and let himself fall in love with this woman on this planet he got stranded on. The whole time, the rest of the team on earth, and especially Sam, were investing all their effort in finding a way to get back to that planet to get Jack back. Apparently Sam loved Jack more than Jack loved Sam, or maybe Jack honestly thought it was impossible. I have to admit that he was stranded there for several months. Anyway I found myself asking "doesn't he realize that there is a script writer? Doesn't he realize that of course they're going to find a way to get him back - because the script writer will make it happen?" Stupid questions, i know. Of course Jack has no idea he is a fictional character whose script writer will not allow anything permanently bad to happen to him.

But once again i was reminded how many of us forget that God is arranging the details of our lives a lot like a script writer does. Jack would have never given up hope of getting back to earth if he knew the plot was being designed by someone who wanted him to get back home. How many things would we see differently if we realized that God was running the show?

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