Tuesday, March 07, 2006

If I Wrote Grammar Rules

  • "You," "He," "She," and "They" would always be capitalized. Just because a Person's name isn't listed doesn't make Them any less important, and Everyone else is just as important as I am.
  • "Me" would always be capitalized, just like I. I am just as important whether I am the object or the subject in a sentence.
  • "Biblical" would always be capitalized since it is referring to the Bible, which is rightfully always capitalized. Why Biblical Scholars haven't done this already is beyond Me.
  • "Black" and "White" would always be capitalized when referring to race. "Blacks" and "African-Americans" refer to the same group of People, Who are just as important regardless of what You call Them. Same goes for Whites and Italians, Germans, the British, etc. This would also apply to other racial designations by color, but I can't think of any other common ones.
  • We would have a gender-neutral pronoun to use. Him/Her is so cumbersome, always using the masculine is misleading, and trying to "take turns" with masculine and then feminine pronouns gets confusing. We refer to People in gender-irrelevant situations all the time: We need a word to do it with.

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