Friday, March 17, 2006

Fish Tank as Ministry

Several months ago i decided to get a Betta for my office. Partly I just wanted to add a little life to the place, but also i knew i could get a blue Betta to match my blue office. Also, i hoped it might make the place a little more inviting. And, like few things in life, it's been all that and more. The teens i work with have little interest in it, but i do think Titus (and his new roommate Scampi, a shrimp) make the office a little more welcoming. But the young children at the church love my fish tank to death. Yesterday two of them were there with their mom for something, and the first thing they did was come racing to my office and stare at my fish, getting as close to the tank as they could. They didn't even say hi to me until later :) It makes me feel good that people want to be in my office, and it's nice to know i'm already building a relationship with kids who hopefully will be in my youth group one day. Maybe Titus really is like an assistant pastor after all. :)

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