Monday, September 17, 2007

Petition for kid-safe films on airlines

Hello again,

Recently i got this article in my inbox about in-flight movies on planes. If you fly you've probably experienced 2 kinds of in-flight entertainment: the kind where everybody gets to choose what movie they want to watch on their own small screen mounted to the seat in front of them, and the kind where several screens are placed throughout the plane and everyone gets to watch the same movies, which are chosen by the airline. Apparently, some airlines have made the choice to show barely-edited versions of R-rated movies on planes with the latter entertainment system, regardless of the fact that these screens are perfectly in view of the children on the planes, all the way down to preschoolers. The article argues that the passengers are basically a captive audience - adults can choose to close their eyes but parents can't control what is shown to their children. So someone's written a petition, and i signed it, and maybe you would like to too. For more information about the petition or to sign, click here.

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