Monday, August 27, 2007

need code

Hey, if there's anyone out there who knows how to do either of these or could point me to some good information - please comment!

- I have a new cell phone now with a web browsing feature. I was able to get to this blog but couldn't really read it because the html was not designed with a cell phone in mind. Does anyone know how or where to find blogger templates that will also render well on mobile browsers?

- I'd love to do an rss feed that pulls from multiple sites at once and puts the most recent article at the top - instead of having separate rss feeds for each site i connect to here. Anybody know how to do that?

Thanks :)


Brooke said...

Try send you an email once a day with all blogs that you select, if there's been an update. If there's no update, there's no listing for a particular blog in the email.

Joy said...

Thanks, Brooke. You must be one of my most faithful readers :) I'm looking for something that will automatically post it to my blog without my involvement though. But i didn't realize feedblitz worked with any blog, i think i could use that for some other things.