Monday, November 06, 2006

So i was reading Tim Schmoyer's blog and found out about a website called I guess i'm not sure how to describe it. It's distrubing, but not because they're vulgar. It's because the people on there openly and actively claim that they tried Jesus and He failed them. As hard as it is to try to understand how someone could, as they claim, actively seek Christ and seek truth and still after many years find themselves empty-handed, it's even more troubling to see the Christians who get on the site and blast out some bible verses or books people should read and tell them they're all rebelling against God and going to hell. A few of the Christians' posts are more respectful, and they are in turn answered more respectfully.

If you want to hear the testimonies of people who've been disappointed with the faith, i'd encourage you to go read a couple of the posts. Maybe it will help us avoid some of the hypocricy and lovelessness that drove a lot of these people away. Maybe one of us will have the opportunity to respond to one of their questions in a way they'll understand. But whatever you do don't be an idiot and blast some rhetoric at them and expect them to convert.

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