Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I have finally completed my capstone project for my master's degree! This is a huge praise and a huge weight off my mind. Now that i'm done, maybe i'll finally get to start cooking and cleaning like a housewife should :) Its amazing, i was worried it wouldn't be done on time, and i got pretty behind on it, but i finally got it done right at the deadline. It seems i'm incapable of getting anything done unless i believe it needs to be done and i believe it needs to be done now. I can never seem to get anything done early. Oh well - i guess that's why we have deadlines.

Now i get to turn my attention to training our puppy (which i'll have to blog about sometime - he's adorable and teaching me a lot), reading books, and re-learning the guitar. Anybody know any good books for using the acoustic in Church?

P.S. It really wouldn't be fair not to thank my dad, who set me an example by getting his master's years ago, or my husband, who has been incredibly gracious through this process.

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