Sunday, July 02, 2006

How to get a spaghetti sauce stain off the outside of a crock-pot

Ok, so this one's not very philosophical, but there are a lot of things that ought to be on the internet, and this blog is my little opportunity to put them there. We had a spaghetti dinner at my church this past week (which by the way went amazingly well and the teens were incredible), and i warmed the sauce in crock-pots. You have to start warming it ahead of time but it worked really well and freed up needed space on the stove top. The only problem was i had to borrow some of the crock-pots and spaghetti sauce got on the sides of them and it sat there long enough that it stained. I was at my wit's end when someone suggested that i use scouring powder (like Comet) that had bleach in it to get the stain off. It took a long time of scrubbing before i noticed it making any difference, but finally the stains started to lighten and now you can barely tell they were there. I was very relieved and thought maybe someone else in desperate need of saving a borrowed crock-pot (or something else non-porous) from a stubborn stain could use the tip. Good luck!

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