Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Many times i've read the statements in the Bible that we should "commit" our ways or our plans to God, and the promises that He would bless those things in return. And I've always been confused by this because i had no idea how, practically, I was supposed to "commit" anything. Usually i assumed it was related to the idea of "give," like i was supposed to give the thing to God. But that seemed to be practically meaningless since I was still responsible, at least to some degree, to take care of the thing. I couldn't really "give" him my responsibilities.

But the other day i think God helped me stumble across something that has been helping me with this. What i've been doing is thinking of it in terms of stewardship - I "give" it to God in that it is His ministry, but i still take care of it - not as an owner but as a steward. It's God's ministry - He owns it, He is ultimately responsible for it, and it operates to serve Him, but i do my best to take care of it as a hired manager. Thinking of it this way has been working pretty well so far.

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