Friday, November 11, 2005

Officially a Scholar?

Hello again. I just wanted to state that, this weekend i'm visiting some friends, and i packed more books than i did clothes:
3 library books to be returned to my alma matter
2 Bibles
2 commentaries
1 book on youth ministry
1 textbook for a class i'm in

Compared to:
1 extra sweater
1 hat
Socks, etc.

I know there are other (probably better) ways to judge a scholar, but this surely must be one way.

While I'm not being too philosophical i might as well go ahead and say that today I'm visiting the library at Concordia University. It's a small school so it's a small library, but it sure is nice to be in a Christian college library again. It is a neat library, though - a nice place to read. And i got to laminate my own library card :)

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